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Disaster Preparedness

We provide full, in-depth disaster preparedness from plan creation to exercise implementation to annual review.


Emergency Management

Experts review your plans and create quantifiable what-ifs for plan revision through all phases of an emergency.


Organization Consulting

Top down research-based examination of your organization, fault/shortfall identification, and proposed changes to improve leadership, team dynamics, and general workplace ethics.


Program/Project Management

Provide expert program/project management consulting from inception to completion.


Risk Assessment Consulting

Provide expert analysis and details on acceptable and non-acceptable risks to your program, business or agency.


Continuity/Strategic Consulting

Expert analysis from the top down of your business model over 5, 10, and 20 years

At R.E.M.C.O.R. we provide subject matter experts in consulting for the private sector and local, state, federal governments in all facets of risk assessment, program management, disaster management, and emergency management. This includes planning, preparation, mitigation, response and recovery for specific incidents, data collection and analysis, budget analysis, program reviews, training, and organizational development. Our experts specialize in creating and guiding the implementation of highly researched and analyzed programs through specifically identifying key threats towards agencies, businesses, and programs through our own risk development, analysis and resolution processes.

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