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Steven Remus

Steven Remus

Steven Remus (Steve) spent 12 years in the United States Air Force developing his mindset around emergency and disaster management. He led multiple emergency operations centers all the way up to the highest levels of the Department of Defense and directed hundreds of emergency responses to all hazard events throughout his career. He is currently enrolled in Northcentral University of Scottsdale pursuing his Doctorate in Homeland Security Leadership and Business. While enlisted he completed a Master of Arts in English and his bachelor’s and Associates in Emergency Management. Steven spent a few years as a defense contractor honing his planning skills in ensuring nuclear and nuclear communication system continuity. He is now considered an accomplished professional that specializes in Management and Crisis Continuity Planning with over 15 years’ Department of Defense experience in coordinating and managing crisis activities, including information dissemination and provision of capabilities to senior leaders throughout the Department of Defense and national agencies. As the leader of R.E.M.C.O.R. USA, he serves as a self-sustaining and results-oriented leader. He has extensive with Nuclear and Non-nuclear Command & Control and Communications systems. He has proven expertise in systems analysis, vulnerability and risk assessment, program management to include budgets, and technical analysis. Steve has demonstrated proficiency in Continuity of Operations (COOP) and incident management/response experience requirements, regulations and policies, and tactical guidance on transmission of verbal, written, and electronic information. He is very well-versed in managing a wide range of information technology systems and oversight of strategic and operational projects with dynamic results. His proven ability to identify opportunities and provide leadership with technical expertise allows him to effectively communicate research goals and empower his teams to results.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Disaster planning and response
  • Strategic planning and vision
  • Risk assessment
  • Organizational development/growth
  • Program and project management
  • Continuity management
  • All phases of emergency management


  • Ph.D candidate, Business Administration, Homeland Security Leadership
  • MA, English and Writing
  • BS , Emergency Management. Summa Cum Laude
  • FEMA, certified Level 1 Professional Continuity Practitioner
  • Department of Defense, Advanced Emergency Response Operations, Command and Control Course


  • Association of Continuity Professionals, National Board Innovations Committee
  • Association of Continuity Professionals, Marketing Board
  • National Small Business Association, Leadership Council
  • National Small Business Association, Economic Development Council
  • National Small Business Association, Technology Council