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NUDET Communications Continuity Research Abstract

R.E.M.C.O.R., LLC, USA has had its hand in nuclear enterprise planning and continuity through its individual and interpersonal strategic network. What our experts have realized is that a failure to innovate and plan through proven continuity concepts left portions of the nuclear enterprise in an outdated and critical state. Without delving too much into the government side which has severe classification restrictions, we are taking on the public sector side through academia and energy research plans to identify how the United States currently would operate in a scintillated communications environment and the new innovation processes that could improve these current outdated methods. Below is a 1-page extract that serves to briefly explain what we hope to uncover, explain, and prove.
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This study provides an overview of the current communication capabilities of local, regional and the Federal governments during the three phases (pre, trans, post) of nuclear war. This study analyzes the effects of nuclear detonation (NUDET) on public communication pathways and how the various levels of government from tribal through the Federal government address the continuity of their communications in the multiple phases of a nuclear strike. This study identifies the specific limitations of communication waveforms, survivable power, survivable antennae, and more communication types. This study draws comparisons between the commercial private industry solutions and the execution of government solutions at a coplanar level.
The challenges facing the efforts of nuclear communication continuity (NCC) are wide-ranging across multiple systems, networks and infrastructure subsets to which many solutions are unavailable or are an accepted risk to achieve communications continuity via any means necessary in NUDET aftermath.
This particular study is divided into five parts: (1) Introduction focusing on the aim, scope and research methodologies, (2) A comprehensive literature review addressing public, private and government continuity communications in varying environments, (3) Communications Problems addressing the multifactor threats to communication continuity, (4) Solution sets providing research data improving communication continuity in denied environments, and (5) Conclusion which revisits the problem and solution sets and provides a suggested path forward for communications continuity in a NUDET world.
Keywords: NUDET, communications, continuity, nuclear, survivable, endurable, waveforms, government, private sector, public sector.
************************PRE-DECISIONAL RESEARCH INFORMATION***********

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