Research & Analysis

R.E.M.C.O.R. prides itself on the term “subject-matter expert.” Consultants that partner with us in a project package are expected to continually study and perform research within their field.

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Risk Assessment

Everything R.E.M.C.O.R. does is rooted in risk management. We created our own six-step risk assessment process that we apply to every project.

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Organizational Development

R.E.M.C.O.R.’s executive and strategic management teams foster doctorate level research on leadership and change management for your organization. With the ever popular lean six sigma approach taking the world over, R.E.M.C.O.R.’s experts have pushed away from certifications that serve no value added without the knowledge behind multiple theories of leadership.

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Every business or federal agency has an obligation to ensure that its plans and programs are actionable and effective. To do this you need professionals with experience in Exercise and Evaluation. R.E.M.C.O.R. experts have decades of experience in disaster and crisis management exercises.

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Strategic Vision/Planning/Roadmap

At R.E.M.C.O.R. we take an in-depth look at your existing or draft vision or plan for the strategic future. We break these down like the federal government.

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Disaster & Emergency Management

With all the unpredictability in the world, there is no possible way to be prepared for the unexpected, but we believe you can have a plan in place for things that you have no control over.

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The R.E.M.C.O.R. continuity cycle easily adapts to any business continuity or program continuity goals. This plan includes utilizing FEMA templates at all levels to ensure the standards for continuity are met.

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