Strategic Vision/Planning/Roadmap

We take an in-depth look at your existing or draft vision or plan for the strategic future. We break these down like the federal government. We break your vision, planning, or roadmap into three terms, the first five, the second five, and the next 20. This creates a 30-year outlook on everything from your budgeting issues to potential information technology upgrade. Planning for the future helps ensure a future.

the first-five

Strategic Vision – Review your business, program, agency’s Five-Year Vision

• Assess Five-Year Risks
o Acceptable Risks
Not Urgent
o Non-Acceptable Risks
Immediate execution of a solution

• Solution Sets
o Individual Risk Solutions
o Related Risk Group Solutions

• Roadmap
o Identified 5-Year Strategy Plan
Implementation Strategy
Where You Are vs Where You Want to Be

Estimated Funding Chart
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