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Every business or federal agency has an obligation to ensure that its plans and programs are actionable and effective. To do this you need professionals with experience in Exercise and Evaluation. R.E.M.C.O.R. experts have decades of experience in disaster and crisis management exercises. This experience spans the scope of local installations, national level exercises, wartime contingency exercises to specialties like Medical Readiness Training Exercises (MEDRETEs). Our experts have served as controllers, evaluators, planners and performed after action reports to ensure shortfalls are addressed at the highest level of responsibility.

To ensure plans and programs are effective organizations need to have exercise and evaluation programs. Because of the R.E.M.C.O.R. expertise we host the ability to assist you from the initial development all the way through your first exercise and hot-wash/AAR. Whether you need continual onsite developmental assistance or occasional distance consulting, we are here to help you secure your programs future.

R.E.M.C.O.R. is specialized in disaster and crisis management training including public health

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